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Agent Program

What is your commission structure? 

We offer 2 different Commission plans  !00%. and  90%.

     *  Plan 1: 100% Commission   $395/ mo - $395/Closing
     *  Plan 2: 90% Commission   $0/ mo - $395/Closing

Do you have Errors and Omissions Insurance?
YES!!! We are insured with an XXXXXXX  an  A-Rated Insurance Carrier. You can be assured that we will always carry adequate amounts of insurance. Our insurance includes free legal support, agent-owned property coverage, and the lowest available deductible of $2500.

How are you different than the other High Commission Agency  or "e" brokers?
We actually do as we promise, offer incredible support, have no hidden fees, and offer the highest commission in Florida. Just because you earn high commissions, does not mean you should sacrifice support. We offer maximum commission  with  100% support. We also offer a unique Coaching Proram  with weekly Round Table discussion to share information so you can take your business to the next level.


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